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About Urban Green Development

Urban Green Development Is the affordable green “go to” development firm in Colorado, which prides itself on being the only developer focused on creating Conscious Sustainable Communities in “infill” locations. Urban Green Development focuses on creating smaller, smarter spaces that are green from the ground up. The result? Homes and businesses that are modern, solar powered, state-of-the-art, and energy efficient. Urban Green Development believes in responsible property development that makes a positive, sustained impact on homeowners, the environment and the communities they live in.

Urban Green Development is clearly differentiated from its competition and has been recognized for superior customer service, innovative design, conscientious business practices, a commitment to green building, community philanthropy, and for its positive and productive work environment.

Why We Became a BCorp®

We became a B Corporation because it is our commitment to advocate for free and renewable energy to every community we are involved with. To support local trades and resources while promoting a positive, sustained impact on homeowners, the community they live in and the environment. Bringing the highest quality of service, energy efficiency and materials to the projects we are involved with, in Colorado and beyond.

The Change We Seek®

Urban Green Development’s mission is to Build Sustainability. Build Community and build connection through building responsible use of green building practices and pioneer conscientious business practices. Examples of our Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practices include:

Urban Green Development annual Sustainable Scholarship Fund donates a percentage of company revenues to local high school graduates wishing to pursue careers in the Green Building Industry through the construction of LEED Showhomes all while providing an opportunity for local sustainable businesses to meet an support green building trades and practices. As part of its mission to give back to the community, Urban Green Development offers this scholarship annually.