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Living Smaller Is Living Smarter With Urban Green Development

Urban Green Development sets a new standard for what constitutes green building.  Our work is checked, then checked again by industry professionals to ensure that your home is designed and built to meet or exceed Energy Star and LEED  standards.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient lighting packages
  • Advanced insulation system to reduce air and moisture infiltration
  • Smart design that can help save money and energy while maintaining excellent aesthetic quality


  • Making every drop count on each of our sustainably built projects
  • Water conserving WaterSense certified bathroom faucets
  • Low Flow toilets and shower heads


  • In a cool, dry climate like we have in Colorado, water efficient landscaping is a necessity
  • Landscaping with low-water-use zone and drip irrigation systems
  • By using native and drought resistant plants, we are taking active steps to provide beautifully landscaped projects without being a drain on our resources


  • Breathe easier knowing that we design with you in mind, featuring materials that are better for you and the environment
  • Low-VOC paints and cabinetry is used in an effort to eliminate vapor that can contribute to global warming and poor air indoor air quality


  • Reaching our goals to create a long, lasting life cycle in each and every material we select
  • Durable building materials, including blown cellulose insulation, rubber pavers and recycled composite decking, designed to withstand degeneration over time
  • Eco‐Friendly engineered wood and quartz products (or eco-friendly alternatives)
  • Passive solar designs that takes advantage of natural energy characteristics in materials and air created by exposure to the sun–simple, minimal maintenance ideas that require no mechanical systems
  • Solar Pre-wire


  • Walkable neighborhoods situated near shops, restaurants and public transportation to encourage green living and decrease dependence on cars
  • The great outdoors is just a step away with locations near parks, biking and walking trails


  • In association with third party inspectors we strive to meet or exceed Energy Star and LEED criteria for green building
  • Defining our own standard–the Urban Green Development standard–and never compromising on our commitment to sustainability and quality