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Scott Kiere

Scott Kiere is the Co-Founder & CEO of eVolutionary Green Holdings, LLC, a Strategic Business Development & Investment Company, focusing on environmentally sustainable products, services, technologies and real estate development processes that are part of tomorrow’s solutions, today.

Scott successfully mixes practical wisdom with pragmatic business growth strategies and execution experience in his many executive roles. As CEO of eVolutionary Green Holdings, he manages a small portfolio of companies, including Urban Green Development, where, as a Principal, he serves as President & CEO.

He has helped to strategically and successfully grow a variety of companies using Decision Mapping®. He is a successful strategist and growth expert with a track-record of helping company owners and CEOs engage and successfully manage their customer’s decision-making processes. He empowers intelligent and strategic process management to every business in his leadership scope.

He is currently serving as a Director of the Board for HUB Boulder; and has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for Social Venture Network. Scott is a champion for using business as a means to make our world a better place to live and raise our children.

Scott is considered a true social entrepreneur and poet, mixing ancient wisdom with pragmatic business acumen and is often referred to as a Visionary Pragmatist.

“When a true journeyman has heart visions of what is over that mountain, through that porthole, and under the crying sky. Then what he expresses are foundation maps weaved of hope, love and magic.”

Nathan Sandberg

Nathan is a gifted part of our Development Team. He helps support all of our projects and ensures Urban Green Development creates, designs and develops smart, environmentally responsible real estate projects. Nathan is committed to ensuring our developments are imagined, and that they are designed with a strong sense of community and sustainability.

From initial acquisition to final closings, Nathan is a hands-on player and a conscientious steward the land in our charge. Nathan shares in our company endeavor and specializes in helping us building modern, urban, green, affordable and energy-efficient residential units and mixed-use projects. As a committed member of the team and the urban community, he is an active and positive role model and supporter of the spaces, the communities, and environment in which we build and live.

Alaina Marie Silva

Alaina contributes a laser focus on numbers and accounting to the Urban Green Development team, complimented by her approachable communication style. She counts Excel coding and statistics as second languages, right alongside Spanish and Hindi, and enjoys using mathematics as an approach to understanding the complexities of the modern world. A UCLA honors graduate with degrees in Sociology and Statistics, Alaina has spent much of her professional career in high-end restaurant management, developing digital solutions for financial analysis and operational protocol.

As a certified master gardener and California native, Alaina welcomes the challenge of helping to design xeriscape landscaping in the high plains desert environment of Colorado. She also enjoys maintaining the plethora of indoor plants that truly makes the Urban Green Development office green.